Frequently Asked Questions


Change is happening daily when new ideas, initiatives, and projects are launched. There is a common denominator for achieving the intended outcomes of your initiative: people. Your actions impact how individual people both personally and professionally do their work: their engagement, cooperation, their processes, job roles, workflows, reporting structures, behaviors and even their identity within the organization. As an Organization Change Manager, it is Michelle’s approach to drive adoption and success, so initiatives deliver expected results and outcomes.

A Change Manager/Agent is a professional who helps clients find their power and achieve their personal and professional goals – building a new vision, creating a strong team, stepping into executive leadership, growing a business, going through family changes such as getting married, starting a family, going through a divorce, or wanting to focus on an overall healthier lifestyle. It all begins with CHANGE when you ask people “what do you want” people often hesitate, and the question alone instigates fear. Fear of losing what is used in their life, fear of disappointing others, fear of outgrowing their current position. As a Change Agent/Manager, Michelle helps provide Individuals, both on a personal and professional capacity make a clear blueprint for CHANGE.


All of our perceived issues and limitations stem from the ego, fear, and lack of attention to the present moment. It’s important we acknowledge these restrictions, so we can understand how the past has shaped our thoughts and perceptions of who we are created to BE.

Even when you’re near the top of your industry, there are not only opportunities to raise your standards of success, but always new levels and challenges to face. Success comes in many forms and on many paths, including gaining knowledge and the skill set to move forward.

One of the many benefits of partnering with Michelle is the 1:1 dedication you get from your relationship together. This symbiotic relationship is a source of constant support for the individual. A multi-dimensional level of expertise that you can’t get anywhere else due to her extensive experiences in a variety of fields and backgrounds. Michelle will spend time understanding you, your business, and your process; she is going to help you push past your limits, resistance, and blocks. This will all help pave the way to more significant growth within; which allows for the growth that will manifest for your external circumstances, happiness and freedom.

Michelle’s priority is entirely focused on you as an individual. This 1:1 focus will translate into your personal and professional development and prosperity. Through this partnership, your guaranteed a productive space to discuss your personal and professional business, your growth, how to increase structure and growth by discerning and analyzing your current ventures so you can unlock your potential to your future success.

Michelle helps you achieve consistency within your entire support team so that every person understands how you want to move forward and the hope to support the changes to move forward. On a broader multi-dimensional level. She will instantly recognize unhealthy, larger patterns and details that remain hidden to more casual observers. This observation will shed light on areas and blinds spots on your current infrastructure that has been built on a weak foundation.

Michelle is also skilled in either getting your team to the same level of excitement for the future both personally and professionally; or rebuilding a stronger team of individuals who will better fit where you are going, all which translates into increased prosperity for all involved. She is going to provide feedback that reflects on everything, from how you lead your business, to what your company should focus more energy on to grow and become more profitable.

Working with Michelle is your first step in reaching new heights, getting your life organized, execute solid plans, increasing revenue and becoming the leader to push past your limits so that you can achieve new dreams.


• Initiatives are six times more likely deliver on global project objectives and deadlines.
• Efficiency on a project significantly increases bottom line revenue streams.
• Face faster, more complex, more interdependent and more cross-functional changes
• Achieve strategic vision and thrive in today’s changing entertainment landscape.
• Deliver competent results effectively that grow the organization’s capacity to tackle more changes
• Allows the organization to assess the overall impact of a change
• Implement without negatively affecting the day to day running of a business
• Effectiveness is maintained and improved by acknowledging the concerns of clients and team
• The time needed for implement change is limited.
• The possibility of unsuccessful change is reduced
• Client performance increases when support teams are supported & understood during a change process
• Expanded efficient service to clients from confident and knowledgeable corporate support
• Provides a way to anticipate challenges and respond to these effects.
• Managed costs of change: contain costs associated with the change
• Creates an opportunity “best practices,” leadership development, and team development
• Smooth transition from the old to new while maintaining morale, productivity, and identity
• Provides management and staff support for concerns regarding changes
• Creates the correct perception of the shift for family members, support staff, piers
• Efficient communication, productivity, quality of work, collaboration and communication
• Reduces stress and anxiety and encourages people to stay loyal to the individual or organization
• Increased support team’s acceptance of the change
• Reduce disruptive aspects and emphasizes positive opportunities in the change process


Coaching and therapies work with different paradigms. Of course, each practitioner works differently, but treatment tends to treat past emotional issues while coaching considers that clients are healthy, and focuses on where they are now, where they want to be, and how to get there. In general, a Change Agent gets to the core, the root of the Disease and operates to remove the blocks that create change. A Change Manager/Agent is more action-oriented.


For over 20 years, Michelle has provided an avenue for those who wish to create change in their lives, but not sure how to take the first steps.

As a Change Manager/Agent, she offers no magic bullets or quick-fixes. Michelle relies on principles of positive psychology, clear business strategy, precise planning/foresight, execution, and leadership; all of which empowers clients to generate lasting transformation. It takes time to build emotional and mental muscles and, similarly, a Change Manager/Agent helps to create clients’ mental, verbal, psychological and spiritual muscles so they can think differently and approach life more effectively. Clients will gradually develop the strength to face challenges in life with ease and grace.

Michelle’s main aim is to provide quality support and facilitate those who strive to live a life of success, creativity, freedom, and joy, unrestricted by their ego or unrealized limitations.

Michelle supports individuals by recognizing the value and importance of living life from this present moment, and the power of not living your experience at the mercy of past of circumstances, future worries, others opinions, one’s emotions and ultimately – the thoughts of the mind.

“My only intention is to bring the subconscious fears and resistance to the light. By doing this, I can stand together with my clients to create the change needed to step into the next level of their purpose.” – Michelle Tafoya

“I have learned from working in the Entertainment industry that is often one big illusion, and it can be so easy to become disillusioned by what one’s truth is when other people are constantly projecting their truth into your life.”

Michelle understands, the reason why people become so resistant to change is fear. Fear of what has been and what we think is to come. She helps her clients move forward past the fear when too often they become paralyzed and stagnant. Although there are many types of changes in one’s life, the critical aspect is whether the individual or company’ can recognize and see the impact of these changes from a multi-dimensional perspective without getting paralyzed with fear.

Efficiently managing organizational change is a four-step process:

• Recognizing the changes in the broader personal and professional environment
• Developing the necessary adjustments for individual or company’s needs
• Facilitate support team or employees on the appropriate changes
• Winning the support of the surrounding team players with the persuasiveness of the adjustments
• Create organization within each area of change
• Implement a clear vision for the next steps

As a multi-disciplinary Manager, Michelle will begin with a systematic diagnosis of the current situation to determine both the need for change and the capability to change. The objectives, content, and process of change should all be specified as part of a change management plan.

Michelle’s processes include creative marketing to enable communication between all changing audiences involved, as well as in-depth understanding of current leadership styles and group dynamics. As a visible track on transformation projects, Michelle then aligns groups’ expectations, integrates teams, and manages team training. She then uses performance metrics, such as financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness, and the perceived need for change to design appropriate strategies, resolve troubled change projects, and avoid change failures.

Michelle prides herself on working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds and aims to make her services accessible to people throughout the world. All personal plans are personally designed and facilitated by Michelle.

No matter what stage of your journey you are on, Michelle can support you to realize that the change you are looking for is within you. “As Within So Without.” Her purpose and gift are to help remove all the blocks and resistant both externally and internally that keep one from change.


• An increase in the ability to focus attention, resulting in being more efficient, operating “in the Zone,” being “in the Flow”;
• Increased confidence and clarity of your vision for your personal and professional life.
• An increase in the ability to be in the present moment, resulting in higher clarity and greater discernment.
• An increase in self-awareness, resulting in the ability to be more deliberate in your decisions.
• Improvement in the skills and knowledge to manage the mind and emotions.
• Ability to become aware of stress, and release it.
• An increase in the ability to discover unconscious sabotage patterns.
• Manage one’s belief system, resulting in higher success and fulfillment in any chosen area of life.
• An increase in life force, vigor, energy resulting in more youthful vitality and creative energy.
• Greater mental clarity, resulting in an increased ability to learn and more efficiently apply knowledge (increased intelligence).
• Increased ability to release the stresses that cause pain and disease, resulting in better health.
• An increase in the ability to become more fully self-expressed, resulting in more authentic and empowering relationships.
• A more significant ability to succeed in business, art, or any chosen undertaking.


By enhancing the potential of an individual or your overall team, discover the underlying dynamics to focus on reality and permanent solutions rather than quick-fix band-aids.

Michelle’s guidance is all about helping clients follow their unique path into change. She helps clients discover what blocks, resistance, and procrastination holds them back and prevents them from both personally and professionally excelling to the next level towards what is meaningful in life. Together one-on-one she will design a personalized action plan to create movement and change so that her clients move forward and stay on track toward the end goal.

She provides guidance, support, tools, and feedback. Assessment, accountability, and execution are the essential elements to change. Research shows that people are much more likely to face change when they have a neutral counterpart to help them to organize their thoughts, create a clear vision and hold them accountable for the results.

For Michelle, as a Change Manager/Agent, the position is an intimate, synergistic partnership. By combining natural perceptivity with cutting-edge Change Manager/Agent techniques. Michelle helps you shift their awareness and connect with a more profound sense of purpose. This propels your process to move forward all while diving deeper into the practical aspect of the current infrastructure of your life personally and professionally. This is what will ultimately inspire you to take action for sustainable change.


Michelle holds extensive background working with individuals from all walks of life and all races and religious, economic, and spiritual experiences. She is 47 years old and has moved 46 times in her life. All a result of life’s natural progression of personal growth also a playground for life to teach her the fundamental keys to CHANGE in life. Her professional career has carried her through the world working in Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia and Asia. An accomplished career woman herself, Michelle works as an Agent of Change as a Change Manager in the entertainment industry. Also, Michelle has worked with a few of the world’s most prominent artist and corporations; including; Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie, Alicia Keys and John Legend, Political commentator Van Jones, Concert Promoter Live Nation, Artist Management Companies Maverick and Roc Nation and more…. Her passions and experiences as a Manager/Agent and Entrepreneur go beyond and into her love and desires for Real Estate, Architecture, and Design. She has worked with some of the industry’s top Property Management Companies, Developers and Real Estate Agent in the Country. She did her studies at Westminster College towards a B.A. Degree in Business Studies.


Clients who come to Michelle are not always aware they are in need of her specific type services. All they know is that they are committed to their personal or professional growth and have a deep” knowing” or desire to want to change. Clients are open to new perspectives and ready to invest energy and resources into achieving their desired results. Michelle’s clientele has primarily been entertainers, actors/actresses, sports athlete and entertainment companies. However, she recognizes her gifts can be applied in a more practical and broad sense, including but not limited to business owners, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, attorneys, corporate professionals, baby boomers, and young families with various backgrounds, ages, race, and religions.


Michelle starts by taking stock of your current situation and clarifying your vision. She will ask questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage your insights and explore your options. Michelle will incorporate various steps and plans to facilitate change you are desiring. Once your goals and anticipated milestones have been defined, you will commit to taking specific action steps during your meeting with Michelle and members of her team. She will then review the progress, build out a specific short or long-term plan and make necessary adjustments until you reach your desired results.

New individual clients usually start with a 3-6 month commitment. Sessions last 90 minutes and are held weekly. We will meet in person if you live in New York City; otherwise, she can achieve the same goals over the phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.

New business clients usually start with a 3-6 month commitment. This is a full-time retainer commitment where Michelle becomes an intricate part of your executive team to assess and evaluate the bird’s eye view of the inner working of the organization or corporation. Meetings with executive and team members will be held in person anywhere in the world; otherwise, we can meet over the phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.


Michelle does not enforce a ‘templet formula’ on you because everyone has a unique path. Each consultation is different. She combines the balance of Management Skills, Enterprise Architect Skills, Leadership Skills, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving Analysis, Communication and Brand Strategy along spiritual wisdom and divine insight and decrement to help you align yourself with your true path and highest purpose.


This program is best suited for those who know that deep down there is more to life than meets the eye, however, may be unsure of how to achieve this experience. All of the components of the program require your full commitment and attention. Each season is specifically designed to fit into your lifestyle, no matter how busy you may be.

Michelle is expertly trained in developing a 360-degree aerial view to escalate personal and professional success in strategies to create long-term growth. She will first meet with you 1:1 to identify your unique barriers, needs, goals, and vision. Entertainer, athlete, entrepreneur, Investor, CEO, Founder or Top Executive. She will build a customized step by step execution plan for you and your team, engineered to fit your desired outcomes.

All change begins within so if you are committed to your personal growth, and you are open for new perspectives, new thought patterns, and a new belief system then you are ready for things to be different, this is the fastest way and honestly, the only way to achieve your desired results.

3-6 Month Change Partnership

Designed for people who are seeking a comprehensive shift in their life, with the opportunity to focus on many areas. Start with one 90-minute Visioning Session, followed by five private sessions or in person or phone support in between. She will meet 1:1 weekly for 90 minutes for the duration of the partnership.

*New clients usually start with the 3-month program. She will meet in person if you live in New York City, other surrounding territories; otherwise, she will travel to your desired location, or you can use phone or Skype.

Half- Day Intensive

One 4-hr private meeting, followed by a 60-minute call one week later. She will work one-on-one on your clarity, mindset, and strategy. She will assist you to dig deep to pull out the tools that are already deep inside of yourself to make better decisions and move towards the change you know is waiting for you. She will also help you release mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks and recognize blind spot areas around you so that you can take consistent action to create positive results.

If you are unsure where to start, Michelle offers a respectful 30-min dialogue to help guide into the comfortability of the change you are ready to embark on.

1 Breakthrough Session

One 90-minute Breakthrough Session tailored to your specific needs. Michelle can help you resolve a particular challenge, such as gaining clarity on the next steps of your personal or professional lives, preparing for marriage or divorce, communicating essential family changes, organizing your outer environment to prepare for needed changes, restructuring the right support team around, building a brand/marketing plan, asking for a raise, or making for meetings with stakeholders.


No, my Change Agent/Management service is not covered by insurance.


No matter what you want to change in life, Michelle can help you navigate this step-by-step process without getting overwhelmed and paralyzed with thoughts and fear. Together you will identify what matters most in your life, what has been limiting you, and then design a personalized action plan to help you move forward. Most importantly, she will assist you to be in the NOW which is the key to staying on track when facing the of fear of change.