One Change at a time

Michelle has consulted clients from around the world and has helped them live a clear, organized, fulfilled and more meaningful life, both personally and professionally. Clients hail from various walks of life – entertainers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, corporate employees, artists, attorneys –all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Many of her clients are incredibly private individuals and are on a quest of fulfilling a deeper level of purpose. This journey for all individuals is never-ending. Michelle specializes in guiding them to achieve results most authentically unique to their life’s purpose.

“Many clients I work with have had to “dig deep” to discover the underlying dynamics that kept them from change. Plato said; “You cannot heal or change what you do not acknowledge.” For many individuals and businesses today, they are trying to fix problems without truly acknowledging the core fundamental problem.  In short, they tend to address indications or symptoms rather than the cause. They often try to fix what they think the issues is, opposed to finding out the core fundamental issue, only to further frustrate those who follow them which often exacerbates the problem.”

My relationship with Michelle has spanned over 20+ years. Her experience and knowledge led to necessary changes both personally and professionally during one of the most pivotal times in my life. This TRANSFORMATION is what began to the wave of success for my first #1 Album in 26 years; Tuskegee. I truly don't know what I would've done without her. I can say this, if "Whitney" had a Michelle in her life, she might be alive today.

Lionel Richie5-time Grammy Award-winning American singer, songwriter and producer

Michelle is Mary Poppins! She has a gentle and admirable disposition, kind and nurturing, but at the same time still maintains a fairly stern no-nonsense presence. She is direct in her truth and quickly takes charge in an effective and systematic way. She wants nothing but the best for you. She is fearless when it comes to the necessary changes both personally and professionally. There is no resistance in her whatsoever. Once she's accomplished what it is she has been called to do, she is like wind, and when the time is right, she moves on so that you can walk into your own FREEDOM and power.

Alicia Keys15-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, best-selling author, and entrepreneur

As artists, sometimes we forget our job is to SERVE our gifts--we get lost in this realm of wanting to be chosen, picked, and booked. It's exhausting, and it literally sucks the life out of you. Michelle helps me to get back to the reason I am an artist, a much bigger purpose than any audition or meeting. She beckons me to reunite with my inner artist child and create from a place of joy and limitless potential. She requires me to be Queen Creator I was born to be--not waiting for a "yes," but creating them.

Christine KarisActress

Michelle helped me to find the COURAGE within myself, so I could make the necessary changes to step out of my comfort zone into a new direction.

Beth PetriArtist & Illustrator

Not only have I witnessed Michelle pour into her clients intentionally and successfully, but I have been inspired by how much she truly BELIEVES in them and what she has been called to do. She gives her all, draws the best out of you and is unapologetic about her desire to see you succeed.

Rhonda RidleyPresident/Founder at Affinity Public Relations, TV Personality, Health & Wellness Blogger