Waitress Gets Caught On Camera Helping Elderly Man Cut His Food – What Happens Next Changes Her Life

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A friend in need

18-year-old Evoni Williams of La Marque, Texas spent all her free time working at Waffle House, hoping to stack up enough money for higher education.

A tough task for sure, however she wasn’t the only person with a lot on her plate.

78-year-old patron Adrian Charpentier, who uses oxygen, said he was having trouble using his hands to cut the ham on his plate.

Williams, who goes by the nickname ‘Nini’, told KHOU that she didn’t hesitate to help.

He was like, “‘My hands are not functioning too well.’ He needed me to cut his food and I did,” Williams shared.

She stopped everything to cut Charpentier’s meal into bitesize bits.


Unbeknownst to Williams, customer Laura Wolf was sitting nearby and watched the whole sweet scene unfold.

It was so busy in here and she actually took the time to stop and hear what he had to say instead of walking past him. That just meant something to me

– Laura Wolf

She snapped a pic of the kind act and shared it on Facebook. “If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand …” read the caption.

Word of the post quickly made its way to Charpentier. “Somebody told me a few days later that I was very popular because they got me on Facebook,” he recalled.

The post went viral with close to 50,000 shares. Yet no one could have imagined what happened next.

A sizzling surprise

Lights, cameras and media descended on the restaurant to both thank and surprise the star of the hour, Evoni Williams.

Williams was presented with a $16,000 scholarship to Texas Southern University, plenty to cover the tuition she’d worked so hard to earn.

That wasn’t all. Her kind act was immortalized, as the City of La Marque declared March 8 “Evani ‘Nini’ Williams Day.”

A teary Williams was blown away.

I didn’t think it was going to go big. But I thank you all. It’s just something I would do any other day

– Levoni Williams

Giving selflessly pays off

Wolf wrote that William’s seemingly small gesture actually makes a massive impact.

I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative.

– Laura Wolf

“If we could all be like this waitress and take time to offer a helping hand.”

How many times have we been caught up thinking, searching for a way we can help others but can’t find the right cause, the right time, the right place? I’d love to do something someday, we say to ourselves.

From helping someone at the diner, holding the door or even flashing a smile to a passerby, there are opportunities to help everywhere.

If stories like Evoni Williams prove anything, it’s to never underestimate the impact of even the simplest acts of kindness both on that person and those who might be watching.

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Tourists Befriend Homeless Man On Vacation- Make An Incredible Promise For Christmas

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No one should have to be alone at Christmas. Annis Lindkvist and her sister, Emma, made sure of that a few years back when they decided to fly a man they had just met home with them to celebrate the holidays in Sweden.

An unexpected vacation

The sisters were visiting Scotland back in 2016 when they stopped and asked a man begging for money for directions. According to the BBC, the then 54-year-old Jimmy Fraser had moved to Edinburgh 13 years prior to meeting the sisters, after a divorce left him homeless. He and the sisters struck up a friendship and exchanged numbers before the duo flew home to Sagmyra.

The trio kept in touch, and when the sisters learned that Fraser would be spending the holidays by himself, they offered to renew his passport and fly him to Sweden so that he would have a family to celebrate with.

“It’s weird, I know. I was begging on George Street and these two women came up to me and the next thing I knew I was in Sweden,” Fraser told BBC. “People promise you things all the time on the street but they never materialize and friends said I shouldn’t go in case I was hung, drawn, and quartered when I got there. But I thought I’m going to go for it as it’s once-in-a-lifetime.”

Part of the family

Fraser, a former security guard and a father-of-two, told the publication that he was nervous no one would be there at the airport to pick him up. But when he got there, he said it was a beautiful experience and that Annis’ family was tremendous. During his visit he met the family’s friends, he went to a hockey game, he visited Christmas markets, and he went to midnight mass. During that time Annis, her husband Daniel, and their three children treated him like one of the family.

We give money to charity every month but we have never done anything like this before.

Annis Lindkvist

“Annis is such a wonderful, kind, and generous person and I wish everyone was like her,” Fraser added.

Lindkvist was 37 years old when she put Fraser on that plane. A retirement home worker who helps those with dementia, she admitted to the news outlet that she had never felt like this about a homeless person before. And so after they wrapped their six-day visit, Fraser (who now lives in a flat) and the Lindkvists continued to chat every day.

“My mother was crying and crying when he left and my children have been asking every day when he is going to come back. There is a big place in my heart for him,” she said. “I had had my doubts about it but I sat up late one night when he was here and spoke to him about it. I could have been a killer just like he could have been, but I just had a feeling in my stomach that he was a really nice person.”

Ignoring the naysayers

Fraser’s friends weren’t the only ones who raised eyebrows over his visit to Sweden; Lindkvist recalls that she also had conversations with friends and family members who thought she wasn’t thinking clearly. But she ignored them and opened her home to him anyway, and now he’s a part of the family. They even invited him back for the Easter holiday.

Being homeless is cold, lonely, and depressing and you get a lot of abuse from people. This was an incredible act of kindness and I loved meeting Annis’ friends, family and colleagues. I wish I was there now.

Jimmy Fraser

“True friendship never dies, and apparently our story does not either,” Lindkvist updated people last year on her Instagram page, revealing that her family is indeed still in contact with Fraser. “And Jimmy, wish you were here.”

Opening your heart

It just goes to show you that you should never judge a book by its cover- how many people potentially walked by Fraser without giving him a second thought? But Lindkvist opened her heart free of judgment and made a lifelong friend for herself and her family in the process. It’s a takeaway we could all use as we head into the holiday season: you never know what a person is going through, but deciding to show a little compassion and kindness may just turn out to be a life-changing decision.  

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Onlookers Stunned At Dad’s Surprising Reaction After Driver Hit His 10-Year-Old Daughter With Car

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The emotional video has been shared numerous times and highlights the power of forgiveness and compassion.

A little compassion can go a long way. Seeing your child get hit by a car is many parents’ worst nightmare. Yet how many mothers or fathers in that situation would stop and take a minute to console the person who accidentally hit their kid?

This father in Brazil did, and now video of the event is sending a powerful message around the world.

A powerful moment of compassion

In November, a 10-year-old girl named Haghatta ran into the street to chase a ball without looking. A man driving his car saw her at the last minute and he hit his brakes, but he just couldn’t stop in time. Naturally, he was beside himself with guilt and worry when he realized he had hit the girl. He got out of his car and started crying in the street.

That’s when Haghatta’s father stepped in. Although the man was concerned for his daughter, she wasn’t gravely injured and first responders were there. He knew the entire situation was an accident, and so he did the most compassionate and unexpected thing possible: he consoled the stranger in his own time of need.

In a video shared by

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A post shared by Good News Movement (@goodnews_movement)

“>Good News Movement, you can see the father walking up to the man and hugging him. He holds the man’s face in his hand and looks him right in the eye, appearing to tell him that things will be all right. 

When the driver falls to the ground on his knees in grief that father stays with him, continuing to console the devastated man. It’s a strong moment of kindness and empathy that is now inspiring the millions of others who have since seen the video.

Extending the goodwill

Haghatta’s injuries were bad enough that she needed to be hospitalized for a week, but she has since been released and is back at home. There, her father continues to be a shining example of the power of forgiveness, as he later invited the driver over to their house so that he could see that the 10-year-old is indeed okay now. 

At the end of the video are two photos, in which you can see the girl and the driver first sitting together on the couch and then hugging. They’re heartwarming snapshots that radiate relief and love, reminding us all that bad things can happen to anyone, but it’s how you deal with these situations and treat others that truly matters. 

People commented on the video in emotional ways:

So glad the little girl is recovering. It was so kind of the father to console and forgive the driver who was obviously distraught about the horrible and scary accident.


“This is absolutely amazing! What an amazing man that father is. And I am so grateful, for the girl and her family, but also for the driver, that she is OK,” said another user @debbiech03.

Walking in someone else’s shoes

In that particular moment, no one could have consoled the stranger the way the father did, which is why the video is so powerful. How many of us would put aside our own feelings of anxiety, worry, and maybe even anger in a situation like that in order to help someone who caused a loved one harm- even if it was an accident? It takes a very strong person to be able to show that kind of love in such a potentially dire situation.

It’s a mighty reminder that you never really know how someone else is feeling or what they may be going through. So the next time someone is grumpy or appears to be taking something out on you, maybe try and put yourself in their shoes and invoke a little of this father’s kindness. Putting your own feelings and needs aside in order to show a struggling person a little compassion could just be a major turning point in that person’s life. 

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Teacher Goes Above And Beyond For All 50 Of Her Students Who Couldn’t Afford To Buy Christmas Gifts

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They say the holidays are all about giving, but Renee Dixon took it one step further last year when she inspired an entire community (and nation!) to come together and put the children first during the Christmas season. 

Putting the kids first

Dixon, the director of the Lynhurst Baptist Church Preschool in Indianapolis, wanted to ensure that all 50 of the children at her school had a memorable Christmas last year in the wake of the pandemic.

“So many of our families don’t have money to get Christmas presents this year. Some parents have lost their jobs, others have had their wages cut back,” Dixon told The Washington Post. “A lot of them already come from low-income families and are below the poverty line.”

So the then 47-year-old took on a second job with Uber and Lyft, driving until about 1 or 2 in the morning on weekdays, as well as for 12 hours on Saturdays and six hours on Sundays so that she could buy presents and winter gear for the kids.

I can’t rest. These kids need me.

Renee Dixon

Dixon revealed her inspiration to help others stems from her own childhood. Growing up with a single mom, her family didn’t have much. “Certain things I wanted her to get me, she couldn’t,” Dixon explained. “It hurt then, but now, as an adult, I understand.” 

Inspiring others to do the same

Last year wasn’t the first time the educator helped to give the children under her care a proper holiday, but with the pandemic hitting her community pretty hard (she herself lost three family members to coronavirus), Dixon ramped up her efforts. Her students ranged from 1 to 12 years old, plus many of them had siblings she didn’t want to feel left out.

Every time she pulled in $100 she headed straight to Target to purchase toys, games, dolls, and Lego sets, things her kids had expressed an interest in. The goal was to grab two gifts per child: one from the school and one from their parents or Santa. Dixon also put aside small bonuses for each member of her staff. Along the way, she shared her story with her passengers, some of whom began recording her. Before she knew it, she’d gone viral and many community members were eager to chip in, too. 

Some gave money, others started going with her to shop for the toys. According to People, Uber offered to match the money Dixon had pulled in (estimated around $2,500 at the time), and a local news station later reported that The Lego Corporation also sent along 100 toy sets and books for the kids after seeing the story.

“We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from people in Indiana and the Indianapolis area, donating money, donating toys and someone saw our interview on TV, and The Washington Post called me,” Dixon told the outlet.

I’m like, ‘I’m not doing anything spectacular. I’m helping these kids, helping their parents. That’s something you’re supposed to do.’

Renee Dixon

An unexpected surprise

Dixon did this all to help others and expected nothing in return. In fact, she admitted to The Washington Post that she wasn’t buying presents for her own daughters because every last bit was going towards the kids. Her daughters didn’t mind one bit, and they even helped to pick out some of the presents.

“My mom has always had a love for children. She is always looking to help younger kids at this time of year,” Dixon’s 26-year-old daughter, Vemirah Johnson, explained. 

The story was so touching that when Pat Hurst, the general manager of a local Nissan dealership, heard about it, he decided to become Santa for a day too. And so he gifted Dixon a Nissan Armada with enough room for her kids and her grandchildren. 

I needed something in my life… So, like everybody else, I needed that little spark that there are people out there that still care. That lets you know that everything is going to be all right.

Renee Dixon to KENs-5 News

Driven to help

Dixon loves children, but her big heart has inspired so many others to give back, too. And considering what a hard year-and-a-half it’s been for so many during the pandemic, that kind of love is a much-needed, bright light for so many. 

“It’s really [taken] a load off,” mother-of-three April Eberly told The Washington Post. “The bills add up, and we would love the help this year. I am very appreciative that she is taking her time to work a second job.”

“One little boy came to me and he said, ‘Mrs. Renee, this the best Christmas I’ve ever had.’ I almost cried and I’m like, ‘There are going to be more good Christmases for you.’ He’s like, ‘No, this is the best Christmas I ever had,’” Dixon added to 13-WTHR.

While it’s not plausible for everyone out there to snag a second job in order to help others, this story does remind us that there are still many people out there who could use a little extra love- especially around the holiday season. So whether you grab a couple of extra toys to donate while shopping for your loved ones this season, stock up on pantry staples for the local food bank, or volunteer a few hours at a local charity of your choice, it won’t just make a difference in someone else’s life: it may also inspire others to do the same. 

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Man Invites 89-Year-Old Bestie To Live With Him So She Doesn’t End Up In Nursing Home

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To outsiders, actor Chris Salvatore, 31, and 89-year-old Norma Cook’s relationship may look strange. But the unlikely pair are actually best friends.

Their friendship started when Cook would wave to Salvatore when they were living in the same West Hollywood apartment complex, CTV News reported in the 2017 story.

An instant connection

One day, Cook tried to start a conversation with Salvatore, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying because of her asthma. So, he went inside and had a glass of champagne.

I just came in and she offered me a glass of champagne and we sat and chatted and we hit it off right away.

Chris Salvatore to CTV

Throughout the years, Cook offered the shoulder Salvatore would cry on when he went through a bad breakup.

“She would share her advice and her wisdom with me,” he said. “I was going through my own issues with the breakup and stuff and she snapped me right out of it.”

The two even made YouTube videos together and accumulated a decent following.

Taking care of one another

But Cook’s health deteriorated and doctors said she couldn’t continue to live on her own. Instead of allowing Cook to go to a nursing home- something she didn’t have money for in the first place- Salvatore launched a fundraiser so she could move in with him.

All in all, Salvatore raised more than $77,000 to take care of his best friend.

“Living alone I was lonely,” Salvatore told CTV. “It’s been really nice. We’re so close that we spend every waking moment together now.”

Salvatore said his friendship with Cook has been “life-changing,” and that it’s a lesson for everyone about the power of kindness.

I really do believe that kindness heals.

Chris Salvatore

“I hope it inspires people to go out there and be kind to one another and show up for people who need help,” he added.

[embedded content]

Respect our elders

In North America, we so often leave our elderly alone in the twilight of their life- something that has sadly been emphasized during the coronavirus pandemic.

What Salvatore did was an extraordinary level of kindness, and it’s certainly too much to ask that everyone will invite their elderly neighbors to live with them. Although Norma Cook sadly passed away in 2017, Chris’ story proves the importance of being kind to the elderly and treating them with the level of care we hope to receive at that age.

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Uber Driver Has The Best Response To Lonely Passenger’s Touching Story

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On Monday night, Lina was traveling back home by Uber. On the way, she struck a conversation with the driver that seemed innocent at that moment.

She told him about how she had been feeling homesick recently and missed eating Bengali food as her family lives in Sudan.

She went on to say that because of the lack of communication from her loved ones, she felt extremely lonely in London.

A casual conversation

When Lina mentioned that she had been surviving on canteen food at work and hadn’t cooked food at home in weeks, the cab driver drove towards his house mid-journey and asked his wife to fix a plate of curry for his passenger.

While other drivers would have continued the conversation out of politeness, this particular Uber driver went above and beyond to comfort his passenger.

It’s the generosity of communion that holds us together. He even offered me rice as well, but I was like, no, please I have rice, this is too much.

Lina via her Twitter

A heartwarming gesture

The driver, however, insisted on grabbing some fresh home-cooked food for her to enjoy. The detour wasn’t planned, but after hearing Lina’s story, the cab driver felt the need to show her that there are people who cared for her.

He gave her a box of Murgir Lal Jhol, a Bengali chicken curry to take with her. The kind gesture shown to her by the Uber driver touched her heart so much so that she immediately took to Twitter to share her feelings of gratitude.

Generosity in times of isolation

In times of loneliness and isolation, an act of kindness such as the one the thoughtful Uber driver performed is precious. The feeling of having someone care for you, even if it is momentarily, will forever be remembered. This story shows that there are no boundaries for kindness and that you can make a person smile and make their day even by being a stranger. Sometimes an honest conversation can bring unexpected blessings into others’ lives. 

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Loyal Young Man Steps In With Best Response Girlfriend After Bully Makes Comment on Her Weight

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One of the stereotypes about being young is being easily influenced. Often, teens join in on bullying and succumb to peer pressure when tested in front of their peers. This was not the case for one young man. 

Prom night

As a teen, so many hopes and dreams are pinned on prom night, which is said to be one of the best nights of high school! This was the case for Tre Booker and his girlfriend Madison, who both felt gorgeous and put together in coordinating outfits. Madison looked stunning in a sparkly pink dress, while Tre looked smart in a suit complete with a pink bowtie and corsage to match his love. Feeling proud of their amazing prom looks, the two posted their prom photos online.

Trolls come out

While many friends of the pair had positive things to say, not everyone was so friendly. Madison, shocked and saddened, responded to the anonymous user:

That’s when Tre jumped into the mix, tweeting:

The sweet interaction between the two led them to go viral. Many people applauded Tre and complimented Madison on how beautiful she looked in her sparkling dress.

A beautiful pair

As Madison and Tre’s experience illustrates, there will always be haters who want to rain on your parade. Just like this young couple, the best response to those people is to lift each other up, complement each other, and recognize what makes us special. Ignore the naysayers, and hopefully one day they will go away.

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Passengers Stunned At Stranger’s Response To Anxious Elderly Woman On Flight

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When Megan Ashley took her seat on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Nashville on July 29th, 2019, she sat an aisle away from an unlikely duo: a 96-year-old woman and her so-called “flight angel.”

Taking off

The elderly woman was flying to Kansas City in order to celebrate her birthday with her family. But as it was her first flight in fifteen years, she was nervous. Hoping to find some comfort, she asked the man beside her for his help.

“She asked for this man’s hand during takeoff and then hugged him again when experiencing turbulence,” Ashley later wrote in a Facebook post.

This gentleman I should say, gladly took her hand, let her hold onto him, calmed her by talking to her and explaining everything that was happening, and simply was that stranger there for her.

Megan Ashley’s Facebook post

Smooth ride

The kindness did not end there: the man continued to look out for the woman for the rest of the flight, helping her into her wheelchair, holding her bag, and waiting for her to find her daughter.

“I walked away sobbing happy tears being so thankful for people like this wonderful human. She was so grateful that she wanted him to have her in-flight pretzels,” Ashley wrote.

Hats off to you sir, for your kind heart and your compassion toward someone whom you’ve never met. I have never been so touched on a flight before. This truly made my week.

Megan Ashley

Safe landing

Ashley was so moved by the gesture of kindness, she posted the story- along with a couple of photos- of the interaction. The post now has hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. The comments, nearly 300 of them, thank Ashley for sharing this kind moment.

“It’s so nice to be able to see kindness and good deeds as they are happening,” posted one person. “Thank you for sharing and letting all of us feel the joy. Love to you!”

Another commented, “Such a heartwarming story. Thank God you witnessed this to share and warm the hearts of sooo many, especially mine! May all that goodness return to that fine man doubly and more and the people responsible for making this fine guy a true gentleman.”

Spread Love

The gesture of kindness between two strangers not only affected those who witnessed it in real time, but people from all around the world who found the post on Facebook. The post shows us both the importance of caring for each other and how sharing these moments can lighten up all those around us. Ashley ends her post with “#spreadlove,” reminding us of an important message: The world is often scary, but being there for each other makes it easier to face.

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Teen Finds $10,000 In a Purse Without ID – What He Did After Is A Reminder To All

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Rhami Zeini was on his way home from school in Santa Barbara, California, when he noticed a purse on the ground.

The 16-year-old picked it up to see if he could find out some contact information of the owner. He couldn’t find any phone numbers, but he did find more money than he’d ever seen in his life: $10,000.

He did the right thing

Now Zeini had a choice to make. Should he take the cash home or bring it to the police to see if they can locate the owner? He chose the latter and has no regrets.

“To me, I figured this is the right thing to do, if I take it and find whoever’s purse it was, because if the roles were reversed and I had lost something with a significant sum of money inside, I know I would want it back for sure,” Zeini told KEYT.

The Sheriff’s department was thrilled by Zeini’s decision, telling KEYT that they’d never seen someone turn in a lost purse with this much cash in it.

I feel if everyone did the right thing, the world would be a better place.

Rhami Zeini

A $100 reward

Police managed to find the owner of the purse, who had accidently left it on the hood of her car.

According to police, the purse’s owner was very grateful and gave Zeini a $100 reward for his good deed.

“It just makes you feel good about humanity and that there are people out there who’d do the right thing,” said Kelly Hoover of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Be honest

We live in a world where we’re encouraged to do anything for a quick buck. But this dog-eat-dog can turn our communities into horrible places to live.

We have to remember to be kind and honest, as this teenager was, to build a trustworthy community for all. Because as he says, if we’d lost our purse or wallet, we’d want someone to return it.

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Lifeguards Personally Carry 95-Year-Old Woman To Make Sure She Can Enjoy The Water

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When we reach the twilight years of our lives, we are often filled with regrets about the things we didn’t take the time to do and the people we didn’t make the time to see. 

Recently, kind-hearted lifeguards at an Alabama beach made sure a 95-year-old woman wouldn’t have those regrets, and personally carried her to the beach each day for a whole week, making sure she enjoyed her vacation.  

A long awaited vacation

The lifeguards will never forget the difference they were able to make for Dottie Schneider, who is originally from Chandler, Indiana, but was vacationing with her daughter Kimberly Waterbury on the Gulf Coast this October. 

Schneider just wanted to relax on the beach, but there was no way to get her wheelchair on the sand, and walking wasn’t an option for her.  That’s when the lifeguards stepped in to help, reported Fox News.

When one of the lifeguards saw Schneider and her daughter trying to figure out how to get on the beach, he offered her a ride in his beach patrol vehicle, which she accepted happily. Next, lifeguard Shane Martin took the helm and helped Schneider all week long.

According to a post made on Facebook by Orange Beach Surf Rescue, sometimes Schneider took the vehicle herself, and other times the guards carried her to the beach.

“In the past, when they’d gone to the beach, she couldn’t get to the beachfront. They had to sit by the pool deck. Being able to put her feet in the sand and seeing the waves crash on the shore, I think that made all the difference,” said Brett Lesinger, Beach Safety Division Chief in the City of Orange Beach. 

We are forever indebted to the guys with Orange Beach Surf Rescue. They made my mother feel special. She was not made to feel like she was a burden on anybody.

Kimberly Waterbury

Treat everyone with respect

When the vacation was over, new friendships had been born and the guards even gathered to say goodbyes to Schneider and her family.

It’s safe to say that Schneider had a “magical” time on her vacation. “I had fun!” she said. She now eagerly waits to visit Alabama and see her new friends’ friendly faces once again.

In today’s world, it is easy for an elderly person to feel like they are a burden to their family and the people around them. It’s very important to let senior citizens know that they are respected and integral to our society.

Schneider and her daughter will never forget how selfless complete strangers can be. The lifeguards had nothing to gain from this situation, even refusing a handsome tip from Schneider’s daughter. It goes to show that a little bit of kindness, tenderness, and attention is remembered for a long time.

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