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30 of the Best Motivational Books of All Time

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Whether you’re looking for a gift that will satisfy the mindful bookworm in your life or you’re a bookworm yourself, the best motivational books approach the art of living from different angles: The practical, the spiritual, the philosophical…Every voracious reader is different, and figuring out what supportive and inspirational resources are best for you or your loved one can be difficult. To make it easy for you, we’ve narrowed it down to thirty of the very best motivational books on the market today. From inspirational tales to actionable advice, these reads are guaranteed to inspire growth and positivity.

This book elaborates on the concept of fixed and growth mindsets that both hold you back and propel you forward.

Who it’s best for: A change-maker

Why it’s a motivational gift: It teaches you how to dream realistically and embrace failure

Buyers are saying: “I can honestly say that this book was eye-opening for me.” – Nicolas

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Sincero’s book is a guide for how to believe in yourself – in her words, “stop doubting your greatness, and start living an awesome life!”

Who it’s best for: The secret badass

Why it’s a motivational gift: It reminds you how to have confidence and self-reliance

Buyers are saying: “It’s easy to read and very motivational. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a friendly nudge in the right direction.” – Sarah A.

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A memoir from WWI concentration camp survivor and psychotherapist Viktor Frankl, this book will teach you how to believe in miserable times.

Who it’s best for: A lifelong fighter

Why it’s a motivational gift: It gives a glimmer of hope 

Buyers are saying: “Overall, this is worth reading, especially If the reader struggles with suffering, and the meaning thereof, and how to move with dignity through that suffering.” – Matt F.

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According to Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule, you must physically move within five seconds of the drive to act on a goal – read more in this self-help book.

Who it’s best for: Someone who has trouble starting

Why it’s a motivational gift: It gets you in the mood to start achieving

Buyers are saying: “The book is filled with solid, actionable information that I am putting into action in my own life with awesome success.” – Cindy C.

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Live and let live and only sweat the stuff you can control, says Mark Manson in this book about how to find meaning in life.

Who it’s best for: The worry wart 

Why it’s a motivational gift: It instructs on active ways to control anxiety

Buyers are saying: “A much-needed reminder to choose your battles wisely.” – Aria U.

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Clear has several atomic habits that you can follow if you want to succeed, like getting 1% better at something every day. 

Who it’s best for: The diligently scheduled

Why it’s a motivational gift: It’ll be loved by someone who already loves being regimented or needs some help getting there

Buyers are saying: “I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their lives even in a small way!” – Emma

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Burnett uses this self-help book to teach readers about applying design thinking to larger life planning.

Who it’s best for: The creative

Why it’s a motivational gift: It stimulates a sense of control and innovation

Buyers are saying: “It gave me clarity and a different perspective.” – Jorge D.

SEE IT: $22.79 at

Having a positive mental attitude and perseverance is all it takes to get through tough times, says Duckworth – check out more about her definition of “grit” in this book.

Who it’s best for: One who needs strength

Why it’s a motivational gift: It’s a gentle push in the right direction for someone who needs to learn about courage

Buyers are saying: “Written in an easy-to-read style and full of real people and real stories about success as it pertains to grittiness!” – Cymru K.

SEE IT: $14.99 at

These everyday lessons from Greek Stoics teach about moderation, controlling emotions, and thinking analytically.

Who it’s best for: A philosophy junkie

Why it’s a motivational gift: The lessons of the Stoics are timeless

Buyers are saying: “The small meditations help me keep my reading streak while I learn more about Stoicism and improve myself.” – Renata

SEE IT: $12.99 at

This classic self-help book is always a safe bet for someone who wants to take their productivity to the next level.

Who it’s best for: The hustle culture lover 

Why it’s a motivational gift: From Wall Street to Main Street, every entrepreneur can see value in this work

Buyers are saying: “This book will change your life if you implement it.” – Zabo

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The little things can make the biggest difference in your life, says Admiral McRaven, and even something like making your bed can change your mindset.

Who it’s best for: The messy friend

Why it’s a motivational gift: It grounds you in tiny but meaningful daily practices

Buyers are saying: “Retired Admiral McRaven does a wonderful job of relating his life lessons gleaned from thirty-seven years of service as a Navy SEAL.” – Anthony S.

SEE IT: $12.99 at

Psychologist Brené Brown says that the basic need of all human beings is connection – and this book tells you how to get it for yourself by being vulnerable.

Who it’s best for: Someone who needs to learn to trust

Why it’s a motivational gift: The book is a guide for how to love healthily and with strength

Buyers are saying: “This is an insightful book about navigating through life.” – Alexander J.

SEE IT: $13.00 at

Two of the greatest minds of our time get together and discuss thought-provoking beliefs: The Dalai Lama and anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu.

Who it’s best for: A deep thinker

Why it’s a motivational gift: It shows that two different viewpoints can discuss things civilly and with mutual interest

Buyers are saying: “Two minds and bodies and hearts coming from different philosophies, meeting in the center, with the conclusion and commitment to show our sameness (and not division) to all the world.” – Kathleen

SEE IT: $13.99 at

West’s book is all about how to get rid of resistance to change and overcome some of your greatest inner hindrances. 

Who it’s best for: The self-battler

Why it’s a motivational gift: It teaches you that you can work with yourself instead of against yourself

Buyers are saying: “This book, even from page one, gives me hope of gaining confidence and understanding myself” – Kenisha W. 

SEE IT: $9.99 at

This classic book from 1937 never goes out of style for those who want to be a little more prosperous in business.

Who it’s best for: An old-school theorist

Why it’s a motivational gift: It tells you that money isn’t the only key to success

Buyers are saying: “Absolutely timeless, perfectly written book. Extremely life-changing.” – Magdalena C.

SEE IT: $8.49 at

This amalgamation of lifestyles from billionaires, performers, and global icons is used to inform the habits of everyday people.

Who it’s best for: The future Steve Jobs

Why it’s a motivational gift: It shows you that acting like a billionaire isn’t so hard

Buyers are saying: “If you really want to learn about the mindset of successful people, then you must read this.” – Garvit

SEE IT: $17.99 at

In this second book about stoicism, Holiday explores the idea from Stoicism founder Marcus Aurelius that “what stands in the way becomes the way.”

Who it’s best for: The young academic 

Why it’s a motivational gift: Stoicism is known to grant inner peace and understanding if practiced dutifully

Buyers are saying: “This is one of those books that you will want to read with a notepad nearby to write down some thought-provoking idea.” – Kevin J.

SEE IT: $10.99 at

You can do whatever you put your mind to, says Forleo – as long as you start taking accountability for your life.

Who it’s best for: The chronically unresponsible

Why it’s a motivational gift: It’s a gentle reminder that if you persist, you can do anything

Buyers are saying: “This book might stir up some unexpected feelings in you—which might be a good thing.” – Sarah P.

SEE IT: $13.99 at

Cardone’s book on the 10x rule is about how in order to succeed, you must set goals that are ten times more aspirational than what you think you can do. 

Who it’s best for: The big dreamer 

Why it’s a motivational gift: It doesn’t just tell you how to set crazy goals – it tells you how to reach them

Buyers are saying: “It certainly has shifted my mindset in my business and wants possible in my lifetime and working career.” – Tyler L.

SEE IT: $16.00 at

There are four agreements you need to make with yourself to live a serene life, says Ruiz, like “don’t take anything too personally.” 

Who it’s best for: The unbalanced friend

Why it’s a motivational gift: You use it to learn moderation and reasonable expectations

Buyers are saying: “This is not a “new age” self-help book! This book is based on modern linguistic theory and philosophical precepts.” – Meme 

SEE IT: $7.74 at

Using marketing principles, Sinek says that you need to reverse your priorities in life and start every task by asking yourself why you’re doing it. 

Who it’s best for: The impulsive pal

Why it’s a motivational gift: This book teaches you to stop and think before you act

Buyers are saying: “The book is certainly inspiring and relevant to some areas of marketing.” – David M.

SEE IT: $12.99 at

Famous self-help guru Eckhart Tolle teaches about spiritual enlightenment through mindfulness.

Who it’s best for: The friend who lost their faith

Why it’s a motivational gift: It gets you in touch with your true desires

Buyers are saying: “The way I see problems and approach them is vastly different to my former state. Highly recommended!” – Jaime Tanna

SEE IT: $7.13 at

Success and happiness are one and the same, says Achor, and this book tells you how.

Who it’s best for: Anyone stuck chasing goals without ever being satisfied

Why it’s a motivational gift: It helps you rethink what achieving your goals in life truly means

Buyers are saying: “If you take the advice to heart, you will have a distinct advantage in the workplace.” – Ian M.

SEE IT: $12.99 at

Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps in an untraditional way, says Kiyosaki, who details his own personal experience to inspire others.

Who it’s best for: The idealist

Why it’s a motivational gift: It shows that anyone can triumph if they just put their mind to it

Buyers are saying: “A great read for anyone starting out in life or who wants to break out of the system of “get an education, earn a living.” – Graham M.

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In sports, “mental toughness” is the ability to endure stress with grace – and Zahariades teaches you how to apply it in real life too.

Who it’s best for: The one who gives up easily

Why it’s a motivational gift: In a soft way, this book tells readers how to buck up without being too hard on them

Buyers are saying: “The writing is comprehensive and continually builds a can-do feeling throughout his work.” – F.B.

SEE IT: $9.99 at

If you can dream it, you can be it, says Schwartz, even if the idea seems too lofty or unachievable! 

Who it’s best for: The practical one

Why it’s an motivational gift: We all have that one friend who’s too scared to have big dreams – this book will teach you how to have huge aspirations without feeling huge letdowns

Buyers are saying: “It teaches you how to allow your mind to create the greatest reality.” – Abraham N.

SEE IT: $15.99 at

Early risers, rise up – it’s time to own your mornings, says Sharma! And even if you aren’t typically a morning person, Sharma has some habits to instill in even the biggest night owls.

Who it’s best for: The 4-alarm snoozer

Why it’s a motivational gift: It de-mystifies waking up early

Buyers are saying: “This was a self-help book wrapped in a great story. So much applicable wisdom and insight. This book was truly life-changing.” – Kristi

SEE IT: $11.99 at

Until your one thing is completed, says Keller, everything else is just an interference – check out this book to find out how to find your focus and finish your tasks.

Who it’s best for: The busybody

Why it’s a motivational gift: In a world with dozens of disruptions every second, this gives you tools to remember how to concentrate

Buyers are saying: “Asking yourself that question of the one thing you need to work on to either make everything else easier or unnecessary is incredible.” – T.W.

SEE IT: $2.99 at

29. David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Iconic modern philosopher and writer Malcolm Gladwell examines the power and strength of the little guy by looking at how we view pitfalls in our own lives.

Who it’s best for: The persistent underdog

Why it’s a motivational gift: It shows you that even the most unexpected heroes can rise

Buyers are saying: “Here Gladwell comes again with new revelations to knock you off your feet.” – Ally

SEE IT: $11.99 at

This fictional story about a shepherd boy looking for buried treasure is actually a deep and profound metaphor about following your dreams. 

Who it’s best for: The fairytale fan

Why it’s a motivational gift: It’s an immersive and sweet tale you can find peace in

Buyers are saying: “I can’t explain how, but this book found and gave me what I needed.” – Cody S.

SEE IT: $13.49 at

Julia Fox’s Shocking Reveal – She Dated Kanye West Only To Get Him Off Kim Kardashian’s Back

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Actress and model Julia Fox has finally opened up about her short-lived relationship with Kanye West. On Monday, she took to TikTok after a user commented, “I just wish you weren’t dating a famously violent misogynist and anti-semite.”

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That’s when the fashion muse broke her silence on her highly publicized yet brief relationship with Kanye West in January, the beginning of West’s strange antics since his split with wife Kim Kardashian.

Why Did Julia Fox Decide to Date Kanye?

Julia said in her TikTok video, “I was just going to write about it in my book…but I’ll just tell you guys for free. The man was being normal around me…” She detailed the time in Kanye’s life when he met her, and says that “he hadn’t been doing anything out there yet,” when they first crossed paths romantically.

Apparently, West, 45 pursued Fox, 32 first. She had just rose to fame after her critically acclaimed role in 2019’s Uncut Gems alongside Adam Sandler.

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He kept “going and going,” the actress says. He even encouraged Julia Fox to reply saying she had ‘bad text etiquette.’ Fox says that initially, she was reluctant, fearing that talking to a celebrity as famous as Kanye West would be boring.

But then she says she had sudden change of heart and decided that she would attempt to get him to like her, and that would finally get him to leave Kim Kardashian alone. Fox says that she’s a very determined person, and at the time, she believed that whatever she set her mind to, she could do it.

Julia Fox Made An Attempt to Help Kanye

Adam Sandler and Julia Fox in Uncut Gems

Maybe Fox was onto something? She says that during the month that they spent together, West wasn’t on “Twitter or any forms of social media” and he didn’t even talk about his relationship with her. “We only talked about clothes and weird ideas and plans and hopes and dreams for the future and our childhood and education.” Fox says that it was a beautiful time.

But soon enough, Kanye started tweeting again and that’s when she decided that she was not interested in the relationship anymore.

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Fox insists that she was merely trying to help, and soon enough she realized that Kanye was not interested in her help, although that was the basis of her forming the relationship with him. “I was delusional and thought that I could help him,” she said. “But that didn’t work and now we’re here.”

Before she ended her TikTok, Fox made a point to credit Kanye West’s reputation as an artist, and said that she doesn’t want to “sh** on that,” and to reduce his whole career to his bad moments, but she expressed her solidarity with the Jewish community.

Did Julia Fox Feud With Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West and Julia Fox

While the media has taken the opportunity to pit Julia Fox and Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian against one another, Julia decided to clear up the misconceptions and said some surprising things about her relationship with the famous family.

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“When I had a fashion line ten years ago, they actually bought our clothes and sold them in their stores. So I’ve always had a love for Kim, especially. Even Kourtney especially…all of them…”

How Did Julia Fox and Kanye West Meet?

Luckily, Julia Fox was not shy to detail almost every aspect of her brief romance with Kanye. In January 2022, she self-published an article for Interview Magazine which caused a media frenzy.

In the article, titled, “Date Night,” Fox says that she met Kanye in Miami on New Year’s Eve and the pair shared an “instant connection.” She detailed that the rappers energy was “so fun to be around, and he had me and my friends laughing, dancing and smiling all night.”

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In typical Kanye fashion, nothing about the date was ordinary. On their first dinner date, Kanye directed an entire photoshoot of Julia at the restaurant as people dined. Afterward, Kanye surprised Julia with an entire hotel suite full of clothes! Julia described the gesture as “a real Cinderella moment.”

Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Julia Fox and Kanye West dressed in all black.
Kanye West and Julia Fox

Many were quick to say that Julia Fox ‘stole’ Kanye West from Kim Kardashian and used Kanye for fame, but it’s important to always take a step back before passing judgement.

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Julia’s chance to clear the air has been highly overdue, and she wasn’t afraid to point out her vulnerabilities as well as the respect she has for Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashians. Oftentimes, the media loves to pit two women against one another, and the truth is often never reported. While we think we know what’s going on behind the scenes, whether it be in a celebrity relationship or in our everyday lives, we truly never know.


Why Kanye West’s Admission That He Was Wrong In His Marriage Is More Important Than We Think

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Promises To Give Away Most of His Money — And He Starts By Giving $100M to Dolly Parton

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is already one of the richest people on the planet and he’s trying to become one of the world’s greatest philanthropists.

The 58-year-old American entrepreneur says he plans to give away most of his $124 billion fortune during his lifetime.

While speaking with CNN Business, Bezos admits he plans to pledge billions of dollars to help fight climate change and reduce inequality.

And guess where he started his remarkable philanthropic journey?

Dolly Parton.

What Jeff Bezos Plans to do With His Massive Fortune


Bezos — who has been criticized over the years for not pledging more money to charity — unveiled his philanthropy plans after donating $100 million to the renowned country music star, Dolly Parton.

Parton, who’s a successful philanthropist in her own right, plans to use Bezos’ donation for charitable causes.

Investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft founder Bill Gates have already promised to give massive amounts of their respective fortunes away — perhaps why Bezos has had a change of heart.

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Asked by CNN whether he intended to give away most of his earnings, the businesses man answered, “yeah, I do.”

Bezos didn’t share additional details about where he would donate most of his fortune, he admitted the hard part is “figuring out how to do it in a levered way.”

The multi-billionaire (imagine being a MULTI billionaire?) previously pledged $10 billion to the Bezos Earth Fund, an initiative he launched in 2020 to help fight climate change.

Previously, Bezos was criticized for spending enormous amounts of money on trips to space instead of helping to solve problems here on Earth.

Over the past two decades, Bezos became one of the richest people on the planet after his 1994-founded internet company Amazon became a global phenomenon. Amazon has spawned a bevy of other companies and ventures including Whole Foods, MGM Studios, The Washington Post, and Twitch, to name a few.

In 2021, Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO but remained on its board as chairman.

He is currently exploring ventures (and eventually parts of the galaxy) through his space tourism program, Blue Origin.

Why Jeff Bezos Just Gave $100 Million to Dolly Parton

(@dollyparton/Instagram | @jeffbezos/Instagram)

So how does Dolly Parton play into all of this?

As the catalyst for Bezos’ impending philanthropy venture, the businessman donated Dolly Parton the Bezos Courage & Civility Award, which recognizes leaders who “pursue solutions with courage and civility.”

Parton, a 76-year-old philanthropist, will be able to donate the $100 million to charities of her own choice.

While speaking with CNN, Bezos’ partner, Lauren Sánchez says, “we couldn’t have thought of someone better than to give this award to Dolly, and we know she’s going to do amazing things with it.”

“I think people who are in a position to help should put their money where their heart is,” said Parton in a video shared on her social media channels. “I will do my best to do good things with this money.”

Parton has been a high-profile supporter of charities for years. In 1986, she founded the Dollywood Foundation, a foundation that grants scholarships and awards to local high school students and gives free books to children across the world.


Jeff Bezos Commits $2 Billion to Help Homeless and Launch Preschools, Surprises Us With His Incredible Generosity

Who Is Chris Evans’ Girlfriend, and What Does His Love Life Say About Dating?

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Christopher Robert Evans (or Chris Evans, as we know him) doesn’t mind being single. The Captain America star has dated a slew of A-listers over the years. But, contrary to what some may think, he’s not averse to settling down.

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Just like Hollywood’s top bachelor-turned-family man, George Clooney, Evans is totally open to getting serious and starting a family. As he told USA Today in 2017, “I definitely want children. I definitely want a family. But you cannot put the cart before the horse.”

Chris Evans, from People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” photo shoot (Photo by Michael Schwartz)

“The family only works if it’s built off the extension of the love you feel for a person,” Evans continued. “If you all of a sudden want the kid more than you want the relationship, you may be on shaky ground.”

That’s precisely why he’s not about to force a relationship or rush into one. Rather, Evans is holding out for the right match. He wants someone who will complement his passions and interests while also pursuing their own.

Getting super-real about what he wants in a partner, Evans told The Hollywood Reporter that he “fears being enveloped.” As he put it, he has always been “a really autonomous guy,” and he doesn’t want to lose that. “I really like to be with someone who also has their own thing to do as well,” he shared, adding, “If I’m with someone who just kind of adopts my life, that can feel a bit suffocating.”

Jessica Biel Almost Became Chris Evans’ Wife

Kate Bosworth and Chris Evans on the set of the 2000 drama The Newcomers
Kate Bosworth and Chris Evans on the set of the 2000 drama The Newcomers (Photo: Instagram)

Chris Evans dated some of Hollywood’s biggest names over the course of the past two decades. His first high-profile romance was with Kate Bosworth, who he met on the set of 2000’s The Newcomers. Their union was short-lived, however, and by 2001, he was in his first long-term relationship. 

That’s when Evans began dating Jessica Biel. The couple was together for five years and co-starred in two movies (Cellular and London) and yes, marriage was definitely on the table. Calling Evans a “keeper,” Biel told Cosmopolitan in 2005, “We always talk about [getting married]. We both want to be married, and we both want to have children.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and Evans appeared to hit pause on getting serious.

Chris Evans’ Star-Studded Dating History

Following his split from Jessica Biel, Chris Evans reportedly decided to keep things casual and date around. Over the years, he was linked to a long list of stars, including Emmy Rossum, Christina Ricci, Kristin Cavallari, Amy Smart, Dianna Agron, Ashley Greene, Sandra Bullock, Lily Collins and Minka Kelly. However, the situation changed in 2016, when the Knives Out actor met comedian Jenny Slate on the set of Gifted.

While Evans didn’t address most of the relationship rumors that surrounded him following his split from Biel, he did go public with Slate. They were smitten and began dating soon after meeting. As Slate gushed, theirs was an instant connection. “[The] first night that we hung out, I was like, ‘Wow, I could hang out with Chris for, like, 90 hours,” she shared and Evans agreed. “I’ve only known Jenny for a few months, which is insane to say because we’re like the same animal,” he enthused.

His Relationship with Jenny Slate Lasted Less Than a Year

However, despite appearing to be super in-sync, they split less than a year later, in February 2017. After initially citing “conflicting schedules,” Slate told Vulture there was more to their breakup. “When Chris and I started dating, my husband and I had only been separated a couple of months,” she recalled. That meant she didn’t have time to properly mourn the end of her marriage. Still, she couldn’t resist giving love a chance. “Chris is a sunny, loving, really fun person, and I didn’t really understand why I should be prudent,” she told the mag. 

Even so, she was adamant that she has “no regrets,” while Evans underscored the fact that theirs was a positive, drama-free breakup. “I am endlessly grateful for having met her,” he gushed. “She will be in my life always.”

Chris Evans & Lily James Dating Rumors, Explained  

Lily James (Photo: Instagram)

Once Chris Evans and Jenny Slate called it quits, tabloids once again began linking the actor to other stars. Yes, Evans has dated some incredible leading ladies, but some purported relationships were merely the result of speculation by fans and the press. For one, there was his reported romance with Cinderella star Lily James.

The couple first sparked dating rumors in July 2020, when the Daily Mail published photos of Evans and James out in London. They were spotted on July 6, 2020, leaving Mark’s Club in Mayfair, and reportedly heading back to Evans’ hotel in the same cab. Just two days later, the Daily Mail spotted them again, this time having ice cream and lounging on the grass in a London park.

James was later asked outright by The Guardian if they were dating, but she played coy, simply saying, “No comment.” When Harper’s Bazaar UK asked the same question, she shared some sage dating advice: “Don’t be obsessed by boys! Hang out with your girl mates.”

Did He Really Date Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez (Photo: Instagram)

Just a few months later, speculation about Captain America’s love life ramped up once more as Selena Gomez was added to the long list of Chris Evans’ girlfriends. Or, rather, possible girlfriends.

In October 2021, Evans’ fans became convinced the was seeing the singer/actress. As E! News reported, Evans posted an Instagram Story of himself playing the piano, which turned out to be the clue his followers were looking for. Eagle-eyed folks spotted the reflection of a brunette in the video, and they were sure it was none other than Gomez. Jump to November 2021, and rumors swirled that Gomez had worn Evans’ sweater while supporting bestie Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live.

Neither star ever addressed the dating rumors, although Gomez admitted to Andy Cohen back in 2015, “I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn’t he cute?” Even so, they may have been just friends, or maybe they never spent any time together. After all, the internet is filled with rumors, and Evans’ decision to not comment on every single speculation is both worthy of applause and seriously healthy. 

Who Is Chris Evans’ New Girlfriend, Alba Baptista?

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

Since splitting from Jenny Slate, Chris Evans has done his best to keep his private life private. Despite his efforts, though, fans became convinced, as far back as fall 2020, that Evans was dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, the star of Warrior Nun.

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Evans and Baptista’s romance was finally confirmed on Nov. 11, 2022, when photographers spotted them walking together, hand in hand, through New York City’s Central Park. Neither actor has publicly commented on their relationsip.

How Did Evans and Baptista Meet? That’s a Good Question

It’s believed the two actors met in Europe, where Evans was there shooting The Gray Man and Baptista was working on Warrior Nun. However, as the Daily Mail notes, their filming locations didn’t actually overlap. While she was in Spain, he was in the Czech Republic and France.

So who is Alba Baptista? According to IMDb, she has 28 acting credits (so far), including recurring roles on a number of popular Portuguese TV series. Her big break came in 2014, when she was cast on a telenovela called Jardins Proibidos and went on to star in more than 300 episodes. Jump to 2020, and she made her North American small-screen debut as the lead in Netflix’s Warrior Nun

What’s more, we also know that Baptista speaks five languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German), and is 16 years younger than Evans,. She was previously linked to Canadian film director Justin Amorim, who called her his “soulmate” on Instagram in 2019. 

Chris Evans’ Wife? The Star Definitely Wants to Marry

(Photo: Instagram)

It sounds like things are going well between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista. A source told People in November 2022 that the couple has been dating for over a year, and they’re taking the relationship seriously. “They are in love and Chris has never been happier,” the insider gushed, adding, “His family and friends all adore her.”

Could marriage and kids be next? The newly crowned Sexiest Man Alive told People that month, “That’s absolutely something I want: Wife, kids, building a family.” He shared, “I love the idea of tradition and ceremony, I had a lot of that in my life so the idea of creating that, I can’t think of anything better.”

Evans also told the outlet that he thinks he’s a better partner now than he’s ever been because he’s used every failed relationship as a chance to improve. “You spend a lot of time learning what’s been helpful and what hasn’t been,” he shared. “We all have patterns, hang-ups or baggage that repeat and echo, so I’ve really been able to kind of identify where I need improvement and what works.”

Is Chris Evans’ Approach to Dating Healthy?

Bearded Chris Evans at a Hollywood premiere

Upon first glance, Chris Evans’ dating history can make him look like a player. However, as he’s made clear, that’s simply not true. Case in point: He made a vulnerable admission about settling down when he told Men’s Journal in 2019, “I really want kids. Yeah, I do. I like pretty pedestrian, domestic things. I want a wife, I want kids.”

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That said, he’s also made it clear he’s not about to rush into a union simply because of those aspirations. Finding “the right one” isn’t easy (nor is it guaranteed), and there’s no magic formula to make the perfect partner materialize in front of you. As we can see from Evans’ love life, even when you’re a Hollywood leading man who’s found incredible success in other aspects of life, dating is hard. It has ups and downs and you need to embrace the good with the bad. 

Chris Evans in The Gray Man

If a relationship doesn’t work out, there’s no reason to become resentful or place blame on your partner. Rather, you should appreciate the union for what it was, celebrate the joy that it brought, and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

It’s a valuable lesson we can all learn from Evans, who is a master of peaceful, grown-up separations. As he told Elle, “I’ve had no bad breakups in my life” because, “if you’re ever fortunate enough to love someone and have them love you back, it’s worth protecting that. It’s rare that someone can truly know you,” he mused, so “if you’ve broken through that kind of wall, I think it’s important to value that.”

Equally important is striking the right balance on the quest for love. As the actor shows us through his own healthy approach to dating, it’s imperative to be open to love, but not be desperate to have it at all cost. 


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How High Is Your Relational Intelligence? Take Esther Perel’s Masterclass to Find Out

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You’ve heard of emotional intelligence. But how high is your relational intelligence? “Relational intelligence is the set of skills that we bring to knowing how to live our relationships,” says renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel in the trailer for her Masterclass on relational intelligence

Whether you’re single or coupled up, you can now learn directly from Perel in this Masterclass, which consists of over three hours of content broken down into 12 lessons. 

Who Is Esther Perel?

(Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Massachusetts Conference for Women)

Esther Perel is probably one of the most famous couples therapists in the world. She is known for her innovative approach and insights on the way we communicate and connect as human beings, from the bedroom to the boardroom. You may have seen her viral TED talk on rethinking infidelity – yes, those are the types of thought-provoking conversations she starts. 

Perel is the host of two podcasts, Where Should We Begin, which provides an intimate look into real-life couples counseling sessions, and How’s Work, which is more focused on relationships in the context of workplace dynamics. 

What Does the Esther Perel Masterclass Cover?

If you’re not familiar with the Masterclass platform, it provides high-quality learning experiences hosted by A-listers. The video production has a cinematic feel, and the lessons are structured in a digestible way and sometimes include supporting homework and materials. The Esther Perel Masterclass is broken down into 12 modules: 

  1. Meet Your Instructor 
  2. Developing Self-Awareness 
  3. Developing Empathy 
  4. Establishing Boundaries 
  5. Understanding Power Dynamics 
  6. Identifying Roles in Relationships 
  7. How to Have Difficult Conversations 
  8. Understanding and Resolving Conflict 
  9. Effective Listening for Better Communication 
  10. Avoiding Miscommunication 
  11. Building Trust 
  12. Cultivating Intimacy 

Each module dives into a different relationship skill. The class offers a holistic overview of what it takes to have better relationships, from effective communication principles to insights that help you gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and others. For example, Perel says that everyone has conflicting needs for separateness and connection. How you manage the delicate balance between those needs can make or break a relationship. And since, as Perel puts it, your relationships have a huge impact on your quality of life, this is an important area to master. 

“Whether it’s with your partner or project manager, you’ll learn how rethinking the basic principles of intimacy, communication, and trust can improve the quality of your life in the bedroom, boardroom, and beyond,” according to Masterclass’ description of what you’ll get out of the course. 

Who Is the Esther Perel Masterclass For?

If your marriage is in crisis and you need professional help, you could probably benefit from professional health. The same can be said if you have mental health issues or are dealing with the aftermath of emotional trauma – you may need more than an online self-study class to overcome your struggles.

That being said, Esther Perel is one of the best in her field, and her Masterclass is an affordable way to gain access to her cutting-edge approach. If you’re someone who cares about personal development and growing as an individual, you’ll most definitely benefit from learning from her, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not. As a couple, watching the Masterclass together can help you deepen your bond and reach new levels of intimacy. It can also be a great way to start important conversations that you may have never had before. 

Curious to try it? Check out the link below for more info. 

(Photo Credit: Masterclass)

SEE IT at 

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Boss Goes Undercover to Work – Everything Changes When He Learns About His Employee’s Past

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On an episode of Undercover Boss that aired in 2010, the president and CEO of Roto Rooter, the largest plumbing and drain cleaning business in North America, posed as a new employee and made the rounds in order to improve his business.

However, he learned a lot more than just how to streamline plumbing, and the most valuable lesson came from an employee.

Why the CEO of Roto Rooter Went Undercover to Work

man with glasses holding a tablet and giving a presentation
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Rick Arquilla came on the first season of Undercover Boss to see the systems he had created in action.

Even though Arquilla secretly ran the company, he was not able to do a lot of the labor the company expected of its employees. His trainer, six-year veteran of the company Chris, had to help Arquilla with even the easiest of tasks. Arquilla complimented Chris on his skill, though Chris didn’t need the praise.

“I’m very open-minded to learn something,” he said. “That’s why I am where I’m at today.”

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When Arquilla asked Chris to elaborate, Chris revealed that he was a recovering drug and alcohol addict.

“I’ve been in recovery for six and a half years,” Chris said. “It’s very tough sometimes. I realized I had a problem; I actually had to go through rehab. Six and a half years later, I’m standing right here in front of you.”

Arquilla was taken aback by Chris’s confession. “I give you a lot of credit for saying, ‘Hey, enough of this,’” Arquilla told Chris.

Why an Employee Chooses to Share His Struggles

Chris’s previous struggles were no secret, he chose to share them in order to inspire and help others.

“I have no problem sharing it with anybody neither. I have nothing to hide,” Chris said.

When Arquilla revealed to Chris that he was not a new employee but the CEO of the company, he had something else to share.

“I want you to know it’s a real honor having met you, and something else I didn’t tell you is my dad was an alcoholic. It ruined his life, made it hard on me and we never reconciled,” Arquilla told Chris. “But I did reconcile this week with him. You’re the guy who allowed me to do that.”

How a Man Proved It Takes One Person to Change a Life

two people shaking hands
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Explaining this to Chris, Arquilla got emotional. Chris reached across the desk to pat Arquilla on the arm and urged the boss to “let it out.”

“You’re an inspiration to me,” Arquilla told Chris. “I want you to go around to different cities in Roto Rooter and speak about your alcohol addiction.”

Now it was Chris’s turn to get teary-eyed.

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“That would be an honor,” Chris said. “You know, if I could reach out and help just one person, it would make it worthwhile. All I can say is thank you very much.”

Arquilla went on the reality show expecting to impart his own wisdom on his employees. Instead, he learned a lot from them. Chris and Arquilla were able to transcend the imposed hierarchy of a boss-employee relationship by being honest with one another, and through this, Arquilla was able to reconcile his tumultuous past with his late father. All it took was one person to touch another’s life.


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How James Corden’s Shocking Restaurant Ban Proves the Comedian Needs to “Improve Greatly’

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James Corden, host of the infamous The late Late Show with James Corden is also a comedian and known for the bonds he shares with his plethora of celebrity guests. Carpool Karaoke, spearheaded by Corden himself has gone viral more times than can be counted. It’s featured everyone from Harry Styles to Adele and Lady Gaga. But recently, his friendly persona has been in question as he was publicly banned from a swanky Manhattan restaurant.

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Celebrities being rude to their servers isn’t a new story, but it’s one that hints at a larger issue of entitlement and blown-up egos in Hollywood. Let’s uncover the full story of what events transpired that got Corden banned and discuss his broadcasted apology.

Why Did James Corden Get Banned From This New York City Restaurant

Lady Gaga and James Corden singing in the car during Carpool Karaoke.
Lady Gaga and James Corden, Carpool Karaoke.

On October 17 the owner of Balthazar Keith McNally took to Instagram to call James Corden “a tiny Cretin of a man” and “the most abusive customer” to Balthazar since the restaurant opened 25 years ago. He then declared him banned and “86’d” him. Now, this was shocking to many as Corden comes across as a likeable, jovial, and all-around family man. But, the manager’s report from these incidents indicates another side that’s been hidden away.

Far from the reach of cameras, it seems that Corden snapped. According to McNally, the first manager report described Corden finding a hair in his food. While the manager was very apologetic, it seems Corden was “nasty” and said, “Get us another round of drinks this second. And also take care of all of our drinks so far. This way I write any nasty reviews in yelp or anything like that.”

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Another, more recent, incident on October 9 was recorded and reported back to McNally by the manager working that afternoon. Corden and his wife showed up for brunch, ordering an egg yolk omelet and a side salad. Corden claimed that there was some egg white mixed with the egg yolk and requested to have it redone. The kitchen remade the dish but sent it with home fries instead of a salad by mistake. That’s supposedly when Corden erupted, saying “You can’t do your job! You can’t do your job! Maybe I should go into the kitchen and cook the omelette myself.”  Apparently, Corden was pleasant to the manager but very rude to the server.

These two incidents combined are what encouraged McNally to ban the comedian in order to protect his staff from the abusive behavior they were subjected to while serving him. Although, Corden has a slightly different account of what happened.

James Corden Apologizes for Rude and Ungracious Behaviour at New York Restaurant Balthazar

James Corden on the Late Late Show with James Corden

A week after McNally banned Corden from his Manhattan restaurant, Corden called to apologize for his behavior which McNally accepted. In a follow-up Instagram post, McNally says that he “strongly believes in second chances” and invited Corden back to the restaurant.

Many were wondering if Corden would address the situation on the upcoming The Late Late Show with James Corden. To everyone’s surprise, he did. Although his account of the events differed from McNally’s and paired with some other behavior, made fans question his sincerity.

Before his apology, Corden showed his elderly parents in the audience. While he would usually tell jokes, his family-oriented approach of acknowledging his parents set the mood for what was to come. Corden chalks up his anger toward the egg yolk omelet to the fact that his wife received a dish that contained food she was allergic to. “As her meal came wrong to the table the third time, in the heat of the moment, I made a sarcastic, rude comment about cooking it myself,” he said, “And it is a comment I deeply regret.”

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Corden says he understands the difficulties of being a waiter as he was once one himself. He claims to have respect for and value anyone that does this job, and yet from what McNally revealed in the reports this doesn’t seem like the case. He also said, that “the restaurant manager and the server there were lovely, they brought out four glasses of champagne as an apology, but we were like, ‘that’s not necessary, we don’t need it.”

This specifically rubbed fans the wrong way as the report stated that he demanded his drinks for free the first time around and was most likely expecting the same. The graciousness he states at the end that he and his wife had denied the free champagne seems out of character with the incident that occurred including the temper tantrum that he admitted to having.

“Because I didn’t shout or scream or didn’t get up out of my seat, I didn’t call anyone names or use derogatory language, I’ve been walking around thinking that I haven’t done anything wrong,” he said, “but the truth is I have. I made a rude comment, and it was wrong. It was an unnecessary comment. It was ungracious to the server.”

Why Some Celebrities Are Rude to Servers

Corden isn’t the first celebrity to be called out for being rude to a serving staff. Last year on the viral video app TikTok, many servers were coming out with their stories about serving celebrities and gave insight on who was rude and who was not.

One TikTok user said that she was less than impressed with the “Knocked Up” director Judd Apatow and his wife, and well-known actress, Leslie Mann. “I wanted to like them so much, but they were so rude,” User Annie Bond said in her video, “Maybe they were just having a bad day.” This is an important point as many commenters on the video contradicted her review of the couple, saying that they’ve had nothing but positive encounters with them.

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Everybody has bad days, celebrities included. While we’d like to believe that everyone is perfectly agreeable, positive, and respectful at all times that isn’t always the case. If we self-reflect, we can all find moments when we’ve dished our bad days on others unintentionally. Celebrities aren’t immune to these emotions and it can happen that we catch them on a day when they aren’t feeling the best.

That being said, it’s also important to hold celebrities accountable as they are under public scrutiny and can send a bad message to their fans, especially if those fans are young and impressionable. No one wants to be labeled rude, Corden included. Corden had not one, but two incidents at this one restaurant alone. Were those just bad days, or can it be assumed that Corden has a bad attitude?

Watching how people treat others, whether it’s in the service industry or not, can be a strong indicator of someone’s personality. While Corden used the excuse with The Times UK, “No one ever tells you how to deal with fame” never more has the old adage of ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ rung true.


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Elon Musk Now Owns Twitter and 6 Other Weird Facts – Is He The IRL Tony Stark?

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*This article was updated on October 28, 2022.

It’s true. The unthinkable has happened: Elon Musk officially owns Twitter. Welcome to the wild, wild west of social media. The internet is exploding with the news and what will happen to one of the most popular social media platforms.

Elon Musk is everywhere lately. Twitter owner after a very drawn out, public, and complicated deal, SpaceX’s most recent rocket is in orbit, and he recently welcomed twins with an executive at one of his companies, just weeks after he welcomed a second child with his ex-girlfriend Grimes.

That’s a lot in one lifetime, but this is only a few months in the life of the Tesla co-founder.

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Even Musk’s dad made headlines for secretly fathering a second child with his stepdaughter (whom he raised from when she was four). Suffice it to say, it’s impossible to escape Elon Musk or the Musk name. Musk certainly knows how to make news and has a legion of devoted fans to prove it.

Musk has often been called the real-life Tony Stark. Love him, hate him, or even if you’re ambivalent towards him, he’s built an impressive resume during his 51 years as co-founder of PayPal, founder of space exploration company SpaceX, the head of luxury electric car company Tesla Motors, and now Twitter owner. He is a fascinating man who is unapologetically himself. 

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Musk’s first tweet after the purchase was, “The bird is freed!”

Musk, a free speech enthusiast has been vocal against what he considers “censorship that goes far beyond the law” and Twitter’s “left-wing bias.” Previously Twitter regulated tweets and banned users that were considered spreading hate speech or disinformation.

Other goals to “improve Twitter” include getting rid of bots and making the algorithm for how Twitter shows news available to everyone. No word yet on how these goals will be implemented.

Get ready for some changes, they are happening fast! In Musk’s first few hours as owner, he has fired Twitter’s company’s chief executive, Parag Agarwal; chief financial officer Ned Segal; general counsel Sean Edgett; and Vijaya Gadde, the head of legal policy, trust, and safety.

Elon Musk joined Twitter as @elonmusk in 2009 and is an active member of the social media platform. He’s at times amusing, at other times enigmatic, and at still other times, controversial. He frequently posts memes, trolls other users, promotes his various business endeavors, and comments on pop culture and politics. Musk’s Twitter bio reads: Mars & Cars, Chips & Dip. He has more than 100 million followers as of this writing.

The $44 billion dollar acquisition was a long time in the making. Musk talked about buying Twitter as early as 2017. He got serious about that plan in January 2022, when he started buying up shares of Twitter’s stock, amassing a 5% stake in the company in March. By the following month, he had a 9.13% share in the company, which made him the company’s largest shareholder. It looked like he might attempt a takeover of the company. When he revealed his position as Twitter’s largest shareholder, the company’s stock surged to the largest amount in one day since its IPO in 2013. 

Musk began publicly debating Twitter’s freedom of speech (or in Musk’s eyes, lack thereof). He mused that he might start a rival site. By this time, he owned 7.5% of the company. Then on April 13, 2022, Musk offered $44 billion and launched a takeover bid to try and buy all of Twitter’s stock.

Twitter retaliated by putting a shareholder’s rights plan in place to make it harder for any one individual to own more than 15% of the company without approval from its board of directors. Musk offered $46.5 billion for Twitter. Immediately following that news, Tesla’s stock sank by more than $125 billion, causing Musk to lose $30 billion of his net worth. 

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About a month after he made his intentions to take over Twitter clear, he put the deal on hold, claiming that too many of the site’s daily active users were spam accounts. This caused Twitter’s share price to fall by more than 10%.

In July 2022, Musk sent a notice of his termination of the deal to purchase Twitter. The company’s board of directors remain committed to holding Musk to his deal as of this writing and have filed a lawsuit against Musk in Delaware, citing his breach of a legally binding agreement to buy Twitter

Elon Musk’s Family and Education

Elon Musk hugging his mother and family

Elon Reeve Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1971 during the era of apartheid. His mother, Maye Musk, is a Canadian-born model. His father, Errol Musk, is an entrepreneur who, among other endeavors, was half-owner of a diamond mine in Zambia. Elon has a younger brother, Kimbal, a sister, Tosca, as well as a stepsister, half-sister, and half-brother on his father’s side. His parents divorced in 1980, and after living with his father for a few years in his teens, became estranged from him.

Musk became interested in computers and video games as a kid. When he was 12, he created a videogame called Blastar and sold the code (he wrote it in BASIC) for $500. After high school, he applied to emigrate to his mother’s native Canada. While he waited, he enrolled at the University of Pretoria for a semester so that he could avoid mandatory service in the South African military.

Musk moved to Canada in 1989 to attend Queen’s University in Ontario for two years. He then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a BA in physics and a BS in economics.

During the summer before his senior year, he worked two internships in California’s Silicon Valley. One was at a startup called Pinnacle Research Institute which was in the field of energy storage, and one was at Rocket Science Games. After graduating from Penn, he enrolled in Stanford University’s Ph.D. program in materials science. He dropped out after two days and decided he’d be better off taking advantage of this new thing called the internet and launching a startup. 

Elon Musk’s Early Career

Elon Musk in black tux.

Elon Musk borrowed money from his father and founded Zip2, a software company, with his brother and friend Greg Kouri in 1995. Zip2 put together and sold an internet city guide for the newspaper industry, including yellow pages, maps, and directions. At this point in his life, Elon was broke and slept on the couch in his offices and showered at the local YMCA rather than renting an apartment, Vanity Fair reported

In 1999, the company Musk co-founded sold to Compaq for $307 million in cash. Musk owned seven percent of Zip2’s stock which was equal to $22 million. He was on his way to becoming the richest person in the world, and he was 28 years old. 

Elon Musk’s Involvement With the PayPal Mafia

Elon Musk giving the thumbs up sign at speaking engagement.

After the sale of Zip2 in 1999, Elon Musk immediately co-founded an online financial service and payment by email company called The company was one of the first online banks to be federally insured. In 2000, merged with another online bank called Confinity to reduce competition.

Confinity was founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin and had its own money-transfer service, called PayPal and Musk was the CEO. However, by September 2000, the board of directors replaced Musk with Thiel as CEO.

In September 2001 the company was renamed PayPal. eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion in stock in 2002. Musk was once again the largest shareholder and his 11.72% of shares in PayPal were worth $175.8 million. Musk, Levchin, and Thiel are commonly referred to as the PayPal Mafia as all three went on to further and even greater successes. 

How Did Elon Musk Get So Rich With SpaceX?

Elon Musk answering questions at a conference wearing a leather jacket.

Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur who is not only brilliant but also had the fortune of being in the right place at the right time (several times). Musk was fresh out of college when the first dot-com boom took place and Zip2 and PayPal were part of that.

After PayPal sold to eBay, Musk’s net worth was nearly $200 million. From there, he dove into his interest in space exploration and founded SpaceX in 2003. He identified and took advantage of the opportunities his life and career put him in the path of, including Tesla Motors.

The company was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003. Musk joined the company not long after, investing $6.5 million of his own money into the company, which made him the majority shareholder. As a result, Elon Musk was made the Chairman of the board of directors. 

Musk is also the founder of several other companies including the neurotechnology startup company Neuralink, which aims to artificial intelligence chips that can be embedded in human brains to make it easier for people to merge with machines. He also founded The Boring Company, in 2017 to construct tunnels to improve heavy vehicular traffic.

We cannot talk about the facts about Elon Musk without mentioning his incredible $198 billion net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, this makes Elon Musk the richest person in the world. Musk owns 48% of SpaceX, valued at $46 billion, and 22% of Tesla, and in 2020 his net worth skyrocketed, increasing $142 billion that year. 

Elon Musk Joins Tesla Motors

Elon Musk standing in front of white Tesla with arms folded.

When Elon Musk was first Chairman of Tesla’s board of directors, he was not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. However, conflicts between Martin Eberhard and the board of directors, coupled with the 2008 financial crisis, led to Eberhard being fired from the company he co-founded.

Musk was made the CEO in 2008. As Tesla CEO he oversaw the development of the Tesla model called the Roadster, an all-electric sports car in 2008. In 2017, the mass market sedan, the Model 2 was released and became the best-selling plug-in electric car in the world. Elon Musk is the longest-tenured CEO of a car company in the world. 

Tesla made its IPO in 2010 and by 2020, was the most valuable carmaker in the world. In October 2021, Tesla had a market cap of $1 trillion, becoming just the sixth US-based company to reach that milestone. At Tesla Musk is changing the way the world perceives electric cars.

Elon Musk’s Relationships and Children

Elon Musk in white suit with girlfriend grimes on the red carpet.

No look at facts about Elon Musk would be complete without a look at his relationships, marriages, and children. Musk met his first wife, Justine Musk (nee Wilson) while studying at Queen’s University in Canada. They married in 2002. Elon and Justine had six children. Their first child died at 10 weeks old of sudden infant death syndrome. In 2004 they had twins and in 2006 triplets via IVF. Elon and Justine divorced in 2008. 

That same year, Elon began dating actress Talulah Riley. They married in 2010. In 2012, they divorced. The following year, in 2013, they remarried each other. In December 2014 he filed for divorce a second time, but that request was removed. Elon and Talulah divorced for the second and final time in 2016. He moved on to actress Amber Heard, whom he dated for a few months in 2017.

In 2018, Musk revealed that he’d been dating musician Grimes. The couple’s first son, a son they named X AEA-XII, was born in 2020. In December 2021, the couple had a daughter named Exa Dark Sidrael via surrogate. Grimes and Musk broke up a few months before their daughter was born. Then, in July 2022, Insider published legal documents that revealed Musk and Neuralink executive, Shivon Zils, had twins together. 

As of this writing, Elon Musk has nine children with three different women. 

Lessons We Can Learn From Elon Musk’s Success

Elon Musk arms crossed during an interview

Elon Musk is incredibly successful. He knows his strength, what his value and interests are, and relentlessly pursues projects that he can dive into, grow the value of, and sell at a huge profit. Some people say he marches to the beat of his own drum, but that’s true of any truly successful person, especially creative ones. Musk may be an engineer at heart, but he’s also highly creative in the way he applies his strengths to his endeavors.


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Furious Dad Finds Out His 7-Year-Old Daughter’s “Friend” Asked Her For Topless Photos – Here’s What He Did

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In the age of social media, parents have had not only to teach their children how to stay safe in the face of danger from strangers in person, but also online.

Unfortunately, one family learned to do this the hard way.

How a Dad Saved His 7-Year-Old Daughter From an Online Predator

little girl with red hair sitting and looking at a phone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

In 2017, the parents of a little girl had to help their daughter navigate the internet after a predator contacted her over social media.

Brad Summer’s daughter Madi used on his and his wife’s phones when they were with her.

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“She used this app to connect with her cousins and make goofy duets of songs together,” Brad explained. “I never thought of someone pretending to be 9 to gain access to my child. We live and learn and I continue to do so every day as a parent.”

Madi’s mother shared the incident on Facebook where it garnered over 16,000 reactions and 73,000 shares within 10 days.

“To our FB friends; Today we went through something that I feel needs to be shared,” Brad wrote. “Our daughter has an app that she has been using with some friends and family members that went from fun, to making me furious. The name of this app is called”

Brad then recounted the story to his followers.

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On the app, someone posing as a nine-year-old friended Madi and they began to message each other back and forth. Not long into the direct messages, the stranger requested that Madi send him photos of herself topless.

“First I want to say how proud of our daughter I am and want this to be a warning to your families,” Brad said. “Please, tell your kids to let you know if anyone ever asks something like this, let them know it’s okay to tell you. It has helped us in this situation.”

How One Dad Proved the Importance of Openly Communicating With Children

man carrying and hugging his daughter
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Thankfully, when Madi showed the interaction to her parents, they jumped into action.

“If you’re wondering if we called the police, yes and they have the phone to pull all the information to track this person down. Please feel free to share if you think it can help others,” Brad wrote.

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Fortunately, the culprit is unlikely to get away unscathed. The detective looking into this case found the IP address of the person and has submitted a subpoena to to freeze all of his records.

Because of Brad and his wife’s close involvement with their children, they were able to stop a bad thing in its tracks. Like Brad writes in his Facebook post, parents need to have open communication with their children in order to ensure their safety.


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Married Man With Alzheimer’s Forgets He Was Married – Falls in Love With Wife Again and Proposes to Her

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One Saturday evening, a man in Pennsylvania proposed to his wife as they watched their favorite television show without realizing that he was already married to her.

Peter Marshall, 56, was diagnosed with an early onset of Alzheimer’s three years ago and had begun losing memories including the ones he had cherished of his wife. Although, his wife, Lisa Marshall, 54, was determined to create new memories with him, it was “heartbreaking” for her to watch him unable to recollect old memories as she does.

Peter and Lisa Marshall Had a Whirlwind Romance


The couple met each other as neighbors in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Both were married to different partners and were busy raising kids. The families had formed a close connection until Peter’s family moved to Connecticut. After almost a year of no contact, they reconnected when they learnt they were each going through divorces.

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The two quickly became inseparable and were on an eight year long distant relationship until their children were in college. After their wedding, Lisa moved into Connecticut with Peter. Lisa described her past 12 years of marriage as a whirlwind romance.

 “He’s so kind, so gentle, so flirty and fun and romantic. He’s always been so passionate about our relationship. About me.” She said.

‘Something Was Wrong’

When Peter began forgetting his wallet or keys and slowly even words or what they meant, Lisa brushed it off as just signs of old age, but when friends and family members noticed that something was really wrong with Peter, she was concerned. After extensive tests, Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease on April 30, 2020.

“I didn’t understand until I started researching and realized this was going to have a profound impact on our lives, and it was going to take my husband,” Lisa said.

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Soon the disease took over the couple’s life and memories started fading away for Peter. The first time Peter forgot his wife was when they were on a regular getaway in Rhode Island. On their way home, Peter started giving her directions as if she were a different driver who did not know where he lived.

“When we got home, he ran out to my side and opened my door for me, and walked me into our house and was so nervous showing me around,” she said. “It was adorable, but I kept waiting for him to snap back into reality, but he never did.”

“He Fell in Love With Me Twice”


On December 12, 2020, as Peter and Lisa cuddled together watching their favorite TV show “New Girl”, Peter noticed Lisa crying during a heartfelt wedding scene. Looking at her, with a huge grin on his face he said, “Let’s get married.”

Lisa was surprised and honored to see her husband falling in love with her twice. She sent a video of the moments after the proposal to her children who encouraged the couple to renew their vows. Lisa’s daughter, an event planner reached out to vendors who agreed to donate their services. On April 26, Lisa walked down the aisle to Peter waiting at the altar. A dementia specialist officiated their ceremony and the two shared simple vows.

At a time where it is difficult to find a love story enduring all the tests life throws at its way. The love Lisa and Peter has for each other is not only refreshing to hear but also reassuring for all the romantics waiting for their own love story. Currently Lisa runs a blog to help other caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. As the disease progresses, Peter now battles with hallucinations, paranoia and extreme memory loss. Lisa is determined to stay by Peter’s side as she faces reality one day at a time knowing that he will always be hers.

Love is complicated, difficult, but deeply inspiring to witness! We all hope to have a love as strong as Peter and Lisa’s.


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