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Woman Unceremoniously Dumps Toxic Boyfriend After Constant Body Shaming

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One body-shaming boyfriend learned a hard lesson about respect when he crossed the wrong girl.


23-year-old Shelby Johnson has spent years struggling with her weight. 

Things got so serious that as a teen, she had to be hospitalized after dropping down to a brittle 80 lbs. After that scare she managed to put on weight, along with self-esteem, she tells People.

“I haven’t been self-conscious in years. I was when I was underweight, but when I started getting to my goal weight my entire mindset changed”

– Shelby Johnson

“I felt more confident, more whole even. I knew that I was getting where I wanted to be and strived to be”

A devastating DM

Things were going so well that Johnson would even find a boyfriend who she thought loved and accepted her for who she was. 

That was until one day, when he DM’ed her with a particular complaint.

“It’s not like I haven’t told you you’ve been gaining and needed to lose anyway. You’re definitely getting a beer gut babe.”

– Shelby Johnson’s boyfriend, per her Tweet

In that moment, all of her insecurities returned, she shared.

“His comments did make me self-conscious. I started trying to work out 24/7. A couple friends noticed and expressed concern in my sudden desire to be so fit. ”

As she began to question her own response to her boyfriend’s message, Johnson took to Twitter to ask her friends if she was overreacting for feeling hurt.

Dumping dead weight 

She received more than just a second opinion.

Her tweet went viral, gaining nearly 39,500 likes and 5,200 from people telling her to dump her boyfriend, and that she’s beautiful already.

“He doesn’t deserve you. No need to keep that negativity around. You look great,” said one.

“Girl, dump him and find you someone who loves everything about you,” urged another.

Another commenter recommended an upgrade from her boyfriend.

“Dump him and buy a dog:)”

– @ktmlowe_ on Twitter

Johnson says that the overwhelming reaction “made me realize I wasn’t crazy for being hurt.” In another tweet, she announced that she dumped her boyfriend, joking that in doing so she was “dropping a hefty 180 lbs.”

Know your worth

Johnson says that although her now-ex-boyfriend was “really unhappy” about being dumped so publicly, he’ll use it as “a learning experience to be a better person.”

She just hopes that her painful experience serves as an eye-opener for women with similar experiences.

“Be careful, notice red flags and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and leave something that is no longer making you feel happy”

– Shelby Johnson

When it comes to relationships, compromises are important. It’s part of understanding, accepting and ultimately embracing one another.

However, one thing that’s non-negotiable is mutual respect. As Johnson’s story showed, anyone who disrespects or demeans you doesn’t deserve your time of day, let alone your love.

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Rihanna Gets Vocal About Embracing Flaws, Uses Her Platform to Spread Message of Unconditional Self-Love

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In more than a decade of stardom, Rihanna – born Robyn Fenty – has reinvented herself time and time again. And her business ventures in the fashion and beauty world have given her the opportunity to promote body positivity and inclusivity.

But Rihanna’s crusade for inclusivity isn’t relegated to the products she creates and sells. She leads by example by being herself and feeling comfortable in her own skin no matter what others may say or think.

Photo Credit: Andrea Raffin /

She just posted a series of pictures of herself enjoying a sunny day out on Instagram – complete with body hair and stretch marks, which drove over 3.8 million views to date, along with a barrage of praise. As she told Vogue, you just have to go with the flow, enjoy life and love yourself.

You’ve just got to laugh at yourself, honestly. I mean, I know when I’m having a fat day and when I’ve lost weight. I accept all of the bodies. I’m not built like a Victoria’s Secret girl, and I still feel very beautiful and confident in my lingerie.

Now, the star’s wildly anticipated new lingerie line Savage x Fenty – set to drop only a week from now – will cater to a wide range of body types from XS to 3X, since, as Rihanna puts it, “savages come in all shapes and sizes.”

In fact, rumors have been swirling that bra sizes will be expanded even further than their current 32A to 44DDD range to welcome an even greater variation of body types. 

And when it was time to create her own beauty line, Fenty Beauty, the pop-culture icon made sure everyone was going to find something that resonates among her products.

With 40 different shades of foundations, Fenty Beauty landed in the beauty industry as a revolutionary new brand, reaching $72 million in sales in its debut month alone. Stocks sold out so quickly certain items had months-long waiting lists. One thing Rihanna didn’t expect? The emotional impact the products would have.

“As a black woman, I could not live with myself if I didn’t do that. But what I didn’t anticipate was the way people would get emotional about finding their complexion on the shelf, that this would be a groundbreaking moment,” she told Vogue.

Starting out as a teenage pop star, few could have predicted the global dominance Rihanna would reach.

At only 30, she has released eight albums, sold out countless venues, starred in movies, started a charity, launched a wildly successful make-up and beauty line and is about to launch a direct-to-consumer lingerie line that has already set the internet and fashion world ablaze – and has done it on her own terms, embracing her flaws and ignoring haters.



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Rihanna Gets Vocal About Embracing Flaws, Uses Her Platform to Spread Message of Unconditional Self-Love