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Michelle Tafoya

Agent of Change

“My passion and purpose in life are to help people push through the blocks that keep them from the changes they are desiring. My extensive experience in the arena of change, both personally and professionally, along with my deep instinctive sense and intuitive knowing, is a powerful combination that ignites and assists change in anyone’s life. Although my 20+ year career has been focused primarily on entertainment, sports, and high-profile individuals, it is people from ALL walks of life I enjoy helping. The first question I ask anyone I engage with is this…are you committed to doing the work that change requires of you? If so, then take my hand as we take this leap together.”

Michelle’s recent professional background combines 25+ years of experience in Life Transition Advisory, Change Management, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Analysis, Branding, and Execution with some of today’s most prominent Entertainers, Professional Athletes, UHNWI’s, CEO’s and Executives.

As an expert Life Transition Advisor, Change Manager, and Business Strategist, it has been her job to efficiently bring successful change to many of today’s A-List Artist personal and professional lives. She has personally been sought after for the Artist and surrounding support teams at critical and timely changes in their lives and careers. Michelle’s role and responsibility have been to be a “Bridge of Change” for all parties involved including; Managers, Agents, Business Managers, Attorneys, Asset Managers, Finacial Advisors, Record Executives, Publicists, Digital Teams, Venue Managers, Tour Managers, Estate Managers, Glam Team, Assistants, and Family Members.

Michelle is successful in creating compelling changes with a quiet atmosphere of clarity and cohesiveness within her client’s personal lives, professional careers, global music brands, world-recognized philanthropic organizations, and entertainment companies.

Michelle’s broa,d set of skills; Management, Business, Political, Analytical, People, Organization, Communication, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Analysis, and Brand Strategy, prepares her to assist both individuals and/or corporations to build comprehensive plans and new clarifying systems for overall success. She uses her significant observational and analytical skills to ascertain the most logical approach and create a bright idea of action benefits all parties involved.

Also, Michelle, a branding superstar and was a significant contributor as  Life Transition Advisor and Change Manager for the overwhelming success of Lionel Richie’s 2012 platinum-selling album, Tuskegee, which was widely recognized as one of the year’s most successful projects. His first number-one album in 25 years, Tuskegee, made him the best-selling artist for most of 2012 and became the talk of the music industry.

Early on in her career, she used her marketing & promotions experience at Interscope Records under the label’s powerhouses, Steve Berman and Jimmy Iovine, both who propelled Michelle to handled confidential projects during the height of the label’s success with Death Row Records. Some of the artists included such acts as Beats co-founder Dr. Dre, Producer & Artist Tupac Shakur, Gwen Stefani’s band No Doubt, and Nine Inch Nails.

Michelle worked as an essential part of the management team with tour producing legend and music agent Sal Bonafede, who handled acts ranging from The Doors, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond and Frank Sinatra. She also worked as part of the management team alongside Jim Morey, half of the famous powerhouse duo Gallin/Morey, and Skip Miller, the legendary record label executive who served as president of Motown Records before joining RCA Records. Most recently, Michelle has worked with and consulted such Powerhouse entertainment companies Live Nation’s, entertainment management firm Maverick & Jay-Z’s Mega Entertainment Company, Roc Nation.

“I don’t believe everything in my life is a “coincidence”, the various elements of my life have come together for the NOW. Every assignment, job, and encounter have all been divinely laid out, natural evolution and building blocks to help others. The entertainers I’ve worked with are just like me and you, they all face fears, struggles, anger, pain, and failures along with joy, love, peace, patience, and freedom. We are truly all one.”